Post workout Exhaustion


Manny Bricks

Georgetown, DC


She loves her coconut oil, shea butter, black soap, olive oil, natural hair, saggy clothes, long dresses, hair wraps, twist outs, lemon water, green tea, grapes, sunflowers, friends, family, and future.
What’s a label? She doesn’t have one

A carefree black girl (via thedappledsky)

man i love this more than anything

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OMG. I love your blog. Can I ask a favor for you to check out my fashion blog? I can't ask from it as it's secondary but the URL is mondealamode. Tumblr. Com! I'm going to be Reblogging a lot from here I feel.

Hey there, thanks Hun! Just followed your fashion blog and it’s lookin super groovy! Thank you for the support :)


We are all walking, talking bundles of intelligent energy and unique piece of a much greater whole :) always remember that! We all have something special to offer this world, we all have a purpose!

Have a beautiful Sunday folks!

-Cammrynn :)