Bicycles and Lobsters

Any kind of prints are very welcomed in the cam cave and its SPRINGTIME BABY!!

Is it bad to mix and match prints? ahh, in my personal opinion NO! but hey there will always be those ones who say “you know you’re not allowed wear two different prints”.

Ladies and gents it is 2014 and we’re not getting any younger, so why continue to hide behind these invisible barriers that we place on ourselves. Forget about it! Take risks, dance a little bit, smile a lot, and try new things, be adventurous! Get out there and have some fun! Be you and do not let those “invisible barriers” hinder your creativity!


*please excuse my sleepy face

1) bicyle shirt-boys old navy

2) lobster chino shorts- womens old navy

3) bracelets- brazilian bands

have a lovely day folks!

all love, 

cam =)